This page gathers resources to support you in initiating and implementing a Multi-Stakeholders-Partnership between various actors from civil society, academia, politics, youth and local communities with the aim to advocate for a more diverse and inclusive socitey and to create social change.

Methodological Model of Effective Communication between Stakeholders

This handbook produced by Citizens For Europe gUG serves to comprehend the complexity of a Multi-Stakeholder Partnership and to effectively implement such a partnership based on tailored and concrete roadmaps, methods and tools. It presents a methodological model of effective communication between young people, education practitioners, civil society activists, community leaders and policymakers and guides in initiating, planning and implementing a MSP at the local level.

Partnerships2030 coaching for funding opportunities

Securing funds to motivate stakeholders to invest time and resources in a Multi-Stakeholder Partnership (MSP) and stay commited to its objectives, is a key to success. The Partnerships2030 offers you support for your partnership. The website provides readers with various practical tools, concrete examples of MSPs, tips and tricks to initiate, implement and understand the impact of a MSP as well as contacts and coaching for funding opportunities.

Stakeholder Dialogues in Practice: Dialogic Change Model

How to create a successful stakeholder collaboration? This webinar is an introduction to Collective Leadership Institute’s (CLI) Dialogic Change Model, a methodology to teach and train people in stakeholder collaboration and transformational change processes. CLI experts Douglas F. Williamson and Lulekwa Gqiba present several real cases to show how it works in practice.